Press Release

Granby, Qc, Canada, le 1er Juillet 2018-Technorol inc. announce a strategic partnership with Divicor inc, a Canadian manufacturer's representative firm.

To optimise his presence and for growing at a Canadian scale, that alliance will provide a better complete range to our customers for their pressroom needs.

Also, it will allow to diversify the service offering who will be paired with the manufacturers grouping of Divicor inc.

Technorol-Innovachon is now fully represented in Canada by Divicor inc.

About Technorol-Innovachon

Technorol-Innovachon's position is now focused on a BUNDLING approach with the concept of ''EVERYTHING UNDER THE SAME ROOF'' for the Canadian graphic arts market.

We manufacture Rubber rollers, convert printing and coating blankets, and supply worldwide recognised products as of : Printing plates and chemistry, Solvents, washes, fountain solutions & additives, AQ & UV coatings, silicones, antistatics, inks, spray cans of all use, anti offset spary powder, automatic cleaner cloths, packings and all the other pressroom needs.

Also, we offer a technical support and training on all our products and printing manufacturing process.

To learn more, visit us at and/or